Texas Industrial Remcor, Inc. is a premier provider of sprayer valve solutions. We design and manufacture valves and valve systems suitable for fluid control applications in a wide range of industries. Whether you’re looking for a valve for agriculture, street cleaning, turf spraying, or another commercial purpose, we can meet your needs. Below, we provide an overview of our complete product selection. 

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves utilize a solenoid to open and close the fluid pathway. A solenoid is an electric coil that has a movable ferromagnetic core at its center. Running an electric current through it generates a magnetic field, which, depending on the valve configuration, exerts a force that stops, starts, or switches the direction of flow.

Motorized Valves

Motorized valves—also commonly called electrically actuated valves—rely on an electric motor to automatically close or open the fluid pathway. They are suitable for use in fluid control operations where automated valve control is needed and/or the valve would be hard to reach (e.g., tight or remote locations).

Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulators lower the inlet pressure to appropriate and consistent outlet pressures for the particular operation. They are found in both industrial and residential fluid/pneumatic control systems.

Control Systems

Manual control systems require a human operator to monitor system conditions and adjust the valve accordingly.

Valve Accessories

We offer a variety of accessories for our valve products, such as:

  • Adaptors: Our pressure adaptors ensure a secure connection between our valves and other products, while our cable adaptors provide a secure connection between our valve control systems and their power sources. 
  • Mounting brackets: Our mounting brackets mount our valves to surfaces or various accessories to our valves.
  • Coils: Our coils are used for our solenoid valves.
  • E-Chips: Our E-Chips reduce the power consumption, input voltage, and operating temperatures of our solenoid valves. 
  • EMI suppressors: Our EMI suppressors protect our valves from electromagnetic interference during operations.
  • Isolators: Our isolators protect sensitive system components from strong chemicals.
  • Pressure gauges: Our pressure gauges help monitor pressure conditions within fluid systems.
  • Repair kits: Our repair kits are used to repair damaged or broken manual, motorized, or solenoid valve assemblies.
  • Switch and wire assemblies: Our switch and wire assemblies are utilized for our valves and valve accessories.


Valve Assemblies

In addition to individual valves and valve accessories, we also provide valve assemblies. These products feature valves with appropriate pressure regulators assembled and mounted on brackets.