Motorized Valves

At Texas Industrial Remcor, Inc., we design and manufacture valves and valve systems for use in fluid control applications across a wide range of industries. One of our core valve offerings is motorized valves, which are suitable for any application where automated valve control is needed and/or the valve would be hard to access for maintenance work (e.g., tight or remote locations).

What Is a Motorized Valve?

Motorized valves—also referred to as electrically actuated valves—utilize an electric motor to open and close the fluid pathway(s). This design enables them to be used remotely, which is vital for applications like aircraft deicing systems and agricultural irrigation systems.

How Does a Motorized Valve Work?

As indicated above, motorized valves work by using a motor to control the opening and closing of the valve mechanism. Each motor generates enough force or torque to move the valve shaft based on its design requirements. For example, ball and butterfly valves must rotate to open and close, while other valves have a sliding mechanism that moves up and down or side to side. They are powered by actuators, which are the component that moves the valve to the appropriate position based on current flow needs. There are several actuator options available, including electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic.

Types of Motorized Valves

There are many types of motorized valves available. At TIR, we offer the following:

2-Way Motorized Valves

2-way valves have two ports, A (the inlet port) and AB (the outlet port). The valve mechanism seated between the ports controls the flow and pressure of the fluid out of the AB port. It can be positioned such that the valve is fully open, partially shut, or fully shut. Opened or closed. The partial opening would infer proportional type valve.

These valves are often used in on/off valve applications. In the event of an emergency, they allow for the immediate shutoff of fluid flow. They can also be used for variable flow systems that experience fluctuations in flow, pressure, or temperature.

3-Way Motorized Valves

3-way motorized valves have three ports. Some have two inlet valves to allow for the mixing of the fluids that then exit the valve through the AB port, while others have one inlet port and two outlets for diverting fluid to different locations.

2- and 3-Way Electric Ball Valves

These valves have a ball element with a hole through it that turns to allow or stop the flow of fluid from the inlet port(s) to the outlet port(s). They are available in 2-way or 3-way configurations.

Motorized Valves from Texas Industrial Remcor

Motorized valves allow the flow within a fluid system to be stopped, started, or altered as needed to ensure operations proceed as intended, even if they are located in a difficult-to-reach location. If you’re looking for motorized valves you can trust in your most critical applications, Texas Industrial Remcor can deliver. We offer a broad selection of motorized valve products to suit different customer requirements and restrictions. Check out our product catalog or contact us to learn more about our product offerings.

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