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Premium Solenoid Valve Selection: Get the Best Valve for Your Needs

Fluid Control Solutions for Every Industry from Texas Industrial Remcor, Inc.

Texas Industrial Remcor, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality valves and control systems for liquid and gas handling commercial and industrial applications. With decades of experience engineering valves for demanding environments, from agriculture to aerospace, TIR delivers uncompromising performance and reliability. Let’s take a closer look at some of their core product offerings:

2-Way Solenoid Valves

2-way solenoid valves compact design from TIR provide precise on/off control the flow. Available in both direct-acting and pilot-operated configurations, these 12V and 24V valves include flow rates up to 18 GPM at pressures up to 175 PSI. Durable Viton seals provide excellent chemical resistance. Models are offered with .25″ spade connectors or weather-pack connectors for easy installation. For added efficiency, many include TIR’s innovative E-Chip™ Technology which reduces power consumption. Popular 2-way solenoid valves to control the flow models include:

  • SV.1999A.1V – 18 GPM, 175 PSI, 12V pilot valve with spade connectors
  • SV.2100C.1V – 10 GPM, 125 PSI, 12V direct-acting valve with spade connectors
  • SV.2500B.1.WP – 10 GPM, 100 PSI, 12V direct-acting valve with weather-pack connector

3-Way Solenoid Valves

While 2-way valves provide simple on/off control, TIR’s 3-way valves small solenoid valves can also include the ability to switch between two outlet ports. This enables more advanced flow control schemes. 3-way models are available in both direct-acting and externally pilot operated designs to suit any application. Pressures up to 3000 PSI and flow rates exceeding 100 GPM are possible.

Pressure Regulators

Pressure regulators are a critical component in any fluid system, reducing supply pressure down to a lower consistent outlet pressure. TIR offers compact piston-style regulators for a variety of flow rates and pressure ranges. Models like the PR.1560B and PR.1541B feature durable stainless steel and aluminum construction with Viton seals.

Electric Ball Valves

For applications requiring larger pipe sizes and higher flow rates, TIR’s electric ball valves are an ideal choice. Also called motorized valves, these use an electric actuator to automatically open and close the valve. The compact yet powerful electric actuator is easily installed in tight spaces. 316 stainless steel construction and PTFE seals provide long service life even with corrosive fluids.

Advanced Control Systems

While individual valves are the building blocks, TIR also offers complete turn-key valve control systems. Our 3-way and 4-way pre-wired and pre-plumbed valve systems bolt right in place, making installation and setup a breeze. Weatherproof NEMA enclosures house all the wiring and electronics. Just provide power and you’re ready to go. Popular models include the CON.1616.WP.3 and CON.1609.WP.3 which control multiple valves, regulators, and other system components.

Accessories & Fittings

To round out their valve lineup, TIR stocks a wide range of accessories and fittings. These include:

  • Wiring harnesses and switch assemblies
  • Pressure gauges and isolators
  • Valve repair kits
  • Mounting brackets
  • Coils, E-chips, and EMI suppressors
  • Cable and pressure adaptors

Dedicated to Quality & Service

At Texas Industrial Remcor, Inc., quality is more than just a goal – it’s an obsession. Every valve is engineered, machined, and assembled in the USA to the highest standards. Rigorous testing ensures consistent operation and long service life, even in harsh environments. But TIR’s commitment goes beyond just making great products. Our experienced team works closely with customers to find the optimal valve solution for each unique application. With expert engineering support and fast turnaround times, we keep your project on-track and on-budget.

Valves for Every Industry

TIR valves are hard at work every day across a wide range of industries, including:

  • Agricultural sprayers and irrigation systems
  • Pressure washers and cleaning equipment
  • Lawn care and turf spraying
  • Sanitation trucks and street sweepers
  • Aerospace ground support equipment
  • Carwashes and vehicle cleaning systems
  • Industrial fluid and chemical processing
  • Food and beverage dispensing equipment
  • Snow and ice control equipment

No matter what industry you’re in, TIR likely has a valve solution optimized for your specific requirements. Our extensive portfolio of electric solenoid valves 2-way, 3-way, and ball valves may cover an impressive range of flow, high pressure, low-pressure, normally open, normally closed and material options to handle virtually any directional control fluid.

Get Started with Texas Industrial Remcor, Inc.

Ready to see how TIR’s valves can solve your toughest solenoid valve applications for fluid control challenges? Head over to to browse their complete product catalog. Detailed specifications, CAD drawings, and installation manuals make it easy to find the perfect valve. Have questions or need a custom solution? TIR’s knowledgeable sales engineers are just a phone call or email away, ready to tap into decades of fluid control experience. With TIR’s unrivaled performance, reliability, and support, you can buy with confidence. Turn up the pressure – we can take it.